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NDIS Support Categories

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NDIS Support Categories

There are three different funding types included in your plan: Core, Capital and Capacity Building. Your supports will be organized into categories under these funding types. 

Each of these categories relates to a specific outcome to reflect the goals and aspirations you’d like to achieve in your life. These categories can cover expenses you wouldn’t think of, so read up about each category and what it covers.

Core supports

Capital supports

Capacity Building supports

Core supports

Core Supports are the basic things you need to live your daily life. Funding for Core Supports is flexible, which means you can use one Support Category’s funds to pay for another support – provided they’re both Core Supports (excluding Category 2 – Transport).

It’s possible to move your budgets from one Support Category to another to pay for your supports.

Assistance with Daily Living (Category 1)

  • Supports you to be as independent as possible at home.

  • Funds activities such as support with preparing your meals, house cleaning, gardening, showering and dressing.

  • Also funds respite care.

Transport Allowance (Category 2)

  • May be available to you if you can’t use public transport because of your disability.

  • Helps cover the cost of suitable transport so you can access the supports you need outside your home.

  • You or your transport provider will be paid directly by the NDIA or your Plan Manager and in advance, usually fortnightly or monthly.

Consumables (Category 3)

  • Are supplies you use every day and need because of your disability.

  • Covers ‘off the shelf’ items like nutrition products, continence products, colostomy bags and dressing aids.

  • Can also cover small, low risk and low cost assistive equipment - things like a walker, sensory equipment, kettle stabilizer, modified cutlery or apps for your tablet, smartphone and in some cases an iPad or tablet.

  • Can also fund costs for an assistance dog, such as pet insurance and grooming services.

  • Can also fund services with an interpreter.

  • An Occupational Therapist can help you determine what you need.

Assistance with Social & Community Participation (Category 4)

  • Provides support for you to participate in community, social and recreational activities.

  • Covers the support you need to participate, but generally does not cover the cost of the actual activity (the actual activity may be funded in the category 'Increased Social & Community Participation (Category 9)').

  • So for instance, tickets for concerts or sport events will generally not be covered, but you could use your funds for a support worker to help you attend these events

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